Full Moon Power: Divorce to Enlightenment


My Moon and My Power

The moonlight boldly illuminates the night and softens the thorns of the Saguarodarkness of divorce to enlightnment

The magic of the full moon has always intrigued me, however, during this period in my life the relevancy of the moon in its varying stages possessed me.  I studied the stages and researched the meanings of the full moon every month. Every month the moon underwent what seemed to be the same routine, however, every full moon offered something different, something new.  Sometimes the moon was hidden by the clouds, never emerging to the earth below, at times it rose with full brightness and color taking command of the sky, extinguishing the light of the stars.  I studied the transformations of the moon, manifesting 3 desires every month, lighting candles, and praying.  My pool became my own private mikvah in which I immersed.  This monthly ritual was the actualization of my own identity transforming and embracing my new identity. Although my concentration on the cycles of the moon may seem odd or hokey, I began a transformation of my own. Every month a new small part of my self-emerged, and the fear that had once held me back.  Some days and months were arduous and challenging and I related to the moon’s desire to hide behind the clouds.  Yet the next night the moon emerged, shining brighter than ever.  It became a symbol of hope, transformation, courage, strength, and beauty.

June 2017 – Full Moon Meaning

The Strawberry Moon or the mini-moon of June.  The June moon is the furthest away from the earth.  Despite the miniature size of this moon, its strength cannot be underestimated.  This moon indicates a turning point in your relationships or finances.  It offers transformation of a process you started in the last two weeks. This is a full moon to transform and heal the devastating pain from illness, broken hearts, broken homes, and runaway financial debt.

One of my favorite sites to read about the meanings of the full moon is Astrologyking.com.

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About 1stdaydiflife

Who am I? I am just a woman who fell in love at 21. I am a woman who bought hook, line and sinker into the 1990"s hype that I could have it all. A woman whose intention was to be a loving and supportive wife, mother and successful career woman. I am just a woman who could only be the best me doing two of the three at any given time. My 3 beautiful children were and are always the first part of the equation.
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