Power Of Coincidence

People come into your life for a reason, sometimes they pop in with a message, either subtly or in-your-face, and then they immediately leave your life. Others are there for a lifetime, weaving in and out and shaping who you are. It is no coincidence that angels appear at just the right time in our lives. These powerful personal coincidences are not spontaneous messengers but are messengers sent from a higher power. It is up to us to reflect on the message and ask ourselves what can we learn from the experience or this person.

Recently, I reconnected with a dear friend. Our friendship was omnipresent when our children were young. We spent countless hours together, sharing stories and experiences. We knew each other’s secrets and protected them. As with many friendships, however, our lives took us in different directions but our connection remained intact, ready to be reignited at a moments notice. Coincidently, or so it seemed, our paths crossed again at an airport. We both were traveling on the same flight and with another twist of fate, our flights were delayed. We spent 10 hours catching up and sharing the new details of our lives. It was a great day, but I questioned: “why after all of these years were we thrown together again”? What message was I to learn from our meeting?

We had talked about writing a love letter to our children. The love letter was not filled with the usual platitudes, compliments and “I love you’s”, but something more powerful. The letter was composed of three parts: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you. Her pen carried the message of her heart as she labored for a week writing. Her message of love, signed, stamped and sent. It was received with unexpected emotion, and it opened new lines of communication, love, and respect. I thought to myself, this is the message and I need to write my love letter.

Wiping the tears as I wrote my love letter, attachments to pain and guilt were being freed from my heart. The simple act of being so raw and vulnerable to my child was a little scary. We had been open before, but this was different, I was truly sorry for all the pain she endured and carried, whether I was the cause or not was inconsequential. Message sent and message received, or so I thought. Deepak Chopra teaches us that “coincidences are signals from the universe that can guide us to our true destiny.” The universe will continue to send the messages, and they will be bolder and bolder until we pay attention.

Fast forward, to a random stranger entering my life and, once more, by coincidence, our situation demanded we get to know each other and exchange knowledge. She was like a fount pouring forth information, from nutrition to spirituality. She sent me books, names of authors and photos. As we discussed the spirituality of letting go of judgment, attachment, and resentment we stumbled on the message of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, the spiritual and mental cleansing of the soul, of correcting the errors of thought. On the surface level, the philosophy is simply the living and repeating the mantra of “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. This coincidental stranger completed the message. Finally, from our interaction, the full meaning of what I was supposed to learn was being revealed. “Nothing brings you peace, but your inner self” Ralph Waldo Emerson. The power of coincidence led me to discover we are all the sum of a whole, part of the universal conscience.

The story of connectivity is illustrated by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a psychologist who took a position in a mental facility inhabited by criminals in Hawaii. While the other doctors met and discussed strategy, he sat in his office with the files and photos of each of the residents and repeated the mantra of “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.” After four years 28 of the 30 patients were rehabilitated and released. The simplicity of ho’oponopono, in which the healing comes from within our own souls. We are all connected, share a universal conscious, there are no coincidences, just messages from the universe.

The love letter was only a small bit of the puzzle, without living ho’oponopono the letter was without depth. It wasn’t until the second messenger randomly entered my life that I began to dig further into the meaning of our meeting. Although my love letter was filled with emotion and tear-stained, my own purification and forgiveness were missing. Even Budha was amused when understood his purpose. His friends asked why he was laughing. He said, ” I am laughing because now I see the whole ridiculousness of my search. I have been searching for the lives together for truth and it has always been within me.” Reflecting on the premise that we are all connected and coincidence is divine positioning, purification starts within our own life and consciousness, that is the power of coincidence.

Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient.” anonymous

About 1stdaydiflife

Who am I? I am just a woman who fell in love at 21. I am a woman who bought hook, line and sinker into the 1990"s hype that I could have it all. A woman whose intention was to be a loving and supportive wife, mother and successful career woman. I am just a woman who could only be the best me doing two of the three at any given time. My 3 beautiful children were and are always the first part of the equation.
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