Who am I?

Desiree has her BA from the University of Arizona and is continuing her graduate studies.  She is a successful business owner, nominated several times for Woman Business of the Year.  Her company has received many accolades with recognition from Senator Martha McSally to Congressman Raul Grijalva for Ethics and Small Business of the Year, 2016.  Desiree is an ardent supporter and leader in any community she resides:  President of National Charity League, Co-chair for new members, and Philanthropy Selection member for Angel Charities for Children, and supportive role for Emerge! Center for Domestic Violence.  She also sits on several community and business boards.  She feels comfortable as a leader and seeks ways in which her leadership benefits others.  She has successfully coached women and a few men through the darkness of divorce to enlightenment. cropped-img_4641.jpg

I am just a woman transforming and developing my own mantra, finding my own voice, embracing this beautiful gift of life. I am just a woman, enlightened, and happy.  Every day is the first day of a different life!

The purpose of life is to help others, and if you cannot help them do not hurt them.  Be mindful!