Astrology Affirmations for the month, 2017.

For daily inspiration from the Universe, I chose to have Tut, the Universe, reach out to me every morning.  It left me feeling positive and hopeful.  Strangely enough, the messages are supposed to come daily, but in my case they seemed to arrive in my inbox when I needed them the most.  To sign up for your message from the universe check out

Aries March 21-April 19

October.  Opportunity.  New love or passion brings new opportunities this month. A new partner who is ready and able to take risks and make a sacrifice will emerge.

September.  Busy.  This month you will be filled with new ideas. You are energized and racing from one thing to the next.  It may be frustrating that despite how busy you are, your seem to be accomplishing little.  Keep working on the details for big payoffs next month.

Taurus. Apr 20 – May 20

October. Support.  This month your partner will support you in matters of the health, and wealth.  Your secret ambitions will be exposed and new opportunities will open up especially around the 19.  Look for passions to ignite at the end of the month.

September. Confidence prevails.  Around the 6th what you started last month becomes a reality.  Your hard work is paying off and others are noticing, especially in your home life.

Gemini. May 21 – Jun 20

October.  Social.  Lots of parties and social encounters.  Problems seem to fade or solutions become more obvious.  New friends and family fill you calendar with parties and dates.

September. Focus. Your brainstorming last month calls for your laser focus this month.  Pay attention to detail at work and be practical.

Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 22

October. Stable.  Now is the time to finish the projects on the home front and to take a chance.  You will receive support not only from friends but from unexpected sources.  Sense of harmony this month

September. Grounded.  Ask questions, listen to the advice of others and be bold in your decisions.

August. Panic.  The Full moon may have you feeling panicked or threatened.  Relax.  Things are fine.  Take a deep breath and don’t imagine the worst.

 Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 22

September. Integrity.  Others may question your judgment but act with good intentions and a good heart.  Success is within your reach.  It’s a good month for financial success if you use your energy wisely and with integrity.

Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 22

October. Prosperity.  Small changes will be made and you will receive financial success.  It may come as a compensatory bonus or a windfall.  Whatever is is expect money this month.

September. Simplify.  Take a step back and take the complexity out of the situation.  Imagined and self-imposed pressure should disappear after the 5th.  Take your time, keep it simple and have more fun!

Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 22

October. Love.  Happiness is on its way as love strengthens with a partner or a new love interest enters your life.  Great time to just sit back and enjoy life.

September. Health.  Pay attention to your physical and mental health.  This is a month to step back from the social invites and concentrate on healthy living and making sure you are incorporating exercise.  If you have been putting off that physical, now is the time to make that call.

Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 21

October. Self reflection.  Take a step back and take a long look at yourself.  Make some changes whether it is exercising  or eating better or developing new projects.  This self reflection will set the pace for the next 12 months.

September.  Romantic.  A new love may enter your life or an existing love will turn up the heat.  Enjoy the extra attention, accept social invitations.  New people will enter your life, let them, you will like most of them.IMG_5896_2

Sagittarius. Nov 22- Dec 21

October. Creativity.  Try new things, new encounters, new social opportunities, but don’t spend lots of money.  Hold on tight to finances but don’t shy from exploring new things.

September.  Balance.  Your work and social life will demand attention.  Now is your time to shine in both areas.  Don’t be shy about presenting a new idea or project.  Accept the accolades. but be gracious.  People are drawn to you.

Capricorn. Dec 22 – Jan 19

October. Home.  Pay attention to your home-life.  Making small changes bring big opportunity in your career.  Make sure this new work potential fits well with your home life.

September. Playful.  Have some fun this month.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Sign up for a class, travel to a new destination or just try a new restaurant.  Continue to broaden your awareness and have fun.

Aquarius. Jan 20 – Feb 18

October. Indulge.  Now is the month to take chances and expose yourself to risk.  It’s ok to live large even if your friends are wary.  Go for it!

September. Watchful.  Keep a close eye on your finances.  They may be threatened. Seek out your mentor, listen to the advice of others for another way to look at the situation.  Don’t fall into tunnel vision.  Expect a big, welcome change after the 27.

Pisces.  Feb 19 – Mar 20

October.  What you have sown in the past you will reap this month.  The success of your seeds planted may need a little encouragement but it is  a good month.  Don’t expect over expressions of gratitude.

September. Psychic.  Trust your intuition, pay attention to your dreams. your psychic gifts are stronger than ever this month.  A new love or existing love will take your feelings to a deeper level.  Listen to your intuition and don’t force your desires, let them come to you when the time is right.


For more detailed horoscopes, I like or  I enjoyed the light, positive messages of my daily horoscope, others make seek daily positive affirmations, whatever it is that helps to fill your glass with positive, good energy and intentions toward yourself and others it may be ok to try something different and go for it.