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Seek Truth, Know Truth, Accept Truth

What the world doesn’t need is another spiritual pithy statement, but, lessons come in all forms and what the world does need is more openness and acceptance.  It’s ok to receive, we don’t always have to give.  In fact, if … Continue reading

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Fear Sucks

When my mother was dying she shared the sentiment that “when you’re gone you’re gone.  No one misses a beat. Life just moves forward.”  Sounds simplistic.  Hardly.  It was her message to stop living in fear.  Seize the day. Most of … Continue reading

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Beginning of the End

May 22, 2017 Early this morning, I woke sobbing from a terrible dream.  In my dream, I walked into my showroom and discovered it empty.  One of my managers had sold everything in anticipation of closing up shop.   I … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who am I? I am just a woman who fell in love at 21. I am a woman who bought hook, line, and sinker into the 1990’s hype that I could have it all. A woman whose intention was to … Continue reading

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