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Message Of A Sociopath

Divorcing a sociopath is terrifying, confusing and has long-lasting devastating effects.  Simply put, You were once the perfect mate and now you are the worst. You do not leave a sociopath, even if they leave you.  Their goal is to destroy you using any means possible, through financial measures, social connections, reputation and/or the ultimate weapon, your children. 3 Obvious signs a parent may be a sociopath. *emotionally harms their children repeatedly, often seemingly on purpose *After hurting them the socio-pathic parent acts like it never happened
*They lie or twist the truth and/or play the victim in an attempt to deny or deflect responsibility. Continue reading

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Messages of Shame

One of my ex’s Probation Officers shared a story of a woman who suffered physical abuse on a fairly regular basis. She and her husband were pillars in the community, and other others clamored to be in their circle.  She was … Continue reading

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